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Are you stuck in the Internet Marketing wasteland?  It sucks, I know because I've been there.

My name is Omar Martin and thats my beutiful wife Melinda.

We struggled as a newbies for 18 months.

I was spinning my wheels with shiny object syndrome, jumping from product to product with no real direction.

I was trying to become a great "marketer," but I wasn’t making any money. I wasn’t making sales.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Buying Product After Product (Shiny Object Syndrome)
  • Spending Countless Hours At Your Computer Trying To Figure It All Out
  • Struggling With Information Overload & Getting Pulled Into Various Directions
  • Looking For The Missing Puzzle Piece Day In And Day Out

I Started From The Bottom And It Looked Hopeless Until This System Changed My Life

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you were bringing in $23,774.56 per month right from your laptop?

Imagine having a solid online business that makes you $792.49 per day...

  • No more morning commute…
  • No more working to make someone ELSE rich…
  • No more struggling with information overload…
  • No more jumping from fad to fad…

How would you use the money?

I’ll tell you what I did… I finally told my boss to take a feakin' hike!
We BOTH quit our jobs and started working from home.

We built a custom dream house in Orlando and we even built a house next door for my mom and tossed her the keys!

Plus we threw in a pool and a pool house just for fun, all paid for in cash.

No mortgage. No credit cards. No debt.

It’s almost surreal to me, how far we’ve come. You see...

My Wife & I Went From Being Homeless To
Being Internet Millionaires

This Simple Repeatable System Can Work For YOU Too!

This picture was taken by candle light on the floor of a closet in an abandoned apartment when Melinda and I were homeless squatters in 2003. Times were tough for us but we kept the faith and we kept pushing for our dreams.

In 2007 we  started an online business and struggled to make money, but we finally mastered the process to make consistent income each and every month. The secret recipe was right in front of my face the whole time!

It took me 18 months to stop being the marketED and become the marketER.  I was working real hard to become great at internet marketing, but the thing is...

Marketing Is One Thing And SELLING Is Something Else. Sales is what makes you money and I had to learn that the hard way.

There are lots good people out there doing all the right “marketing” stuff but STILL struggling to make money, struggling to make sales.

We’ve now used that same EXACT sales process to make millions of dollars online by selling digital products on JVZoo. Look at how just some of our products have sold $661,360.68 in total revenue this year alone...

You too can build a reliable online business, right from your spare bedroom by simply repeating this simple SALES PROCESS over and over again!

This system works, it’s scalable, and it can change your life BIGTIME.

We Proudly Introduce You To

"Internet Selling For Newbies"

Internet Selling For Newbies Teaches You How To Actually Make Solid Reliable MONEY Online...

This is the course that will get you MAKING SALES online, not just how to “marketing” but actually making MONEY, solid reliable money consistently OVER and OVER again.

This is not a fad, this isn’t some gimmick or loophole, these lessons are the FUNDAMENTAL building blocks that you absolutely need if you're going to survive online.

ISFN teaches you how to build a real online business from the ground up, you're gonna wish you'd had this from day one!

The ISFN Daily Guides

This 7 Day E-course will give you the secrets you need to build a foundation for your internet business so you can have a reliable long-term income for years to come. You'll learn the differences between marketing vs selling, and how to use that to skyrocket your online income.

The ISFN Complete Written Course

This robust written training contains over 100 pages of pure internet marketing gold. Over 10+ years of experience, secret techniques, and proven methods all wrapped up into one easy to follow course that will take you from "Newbie" to "Success".

The ISFN Video Modules

The video modules are the meat and potatoes of the Internet Selling For Newbies training program. These comprehensive video lessons walk you step-by-step through the most crucial secrets behind building a successful online business.

The ISFN Audio Companion

Don't let the burden of normal daily life stop your success! The audio version of ISFN makes it easy to take this training on the go. Simply download the audio files to your iPod or smart phone and listen while you drive, workout, or even while cooking!

Take A Look Inside The ISFN Program Watch This Demo Video...

Take A Look At What These Expert Marketers Have To Say:

Dave Nicholson

"Omar Martin is one of the most honest and trustworthy guys I have ever met, I know Omar very well.
I will personally vouch for any of his products and services. "

John Thornhill

"ISFN is by far the best program that I have ever seen for newbies to get started online.
THIS is the right way to do it."

Michael Cheney

"Omar Martin is a marketing legend.
When he talks - LISTEN.
When he advises you - TAKE ACTION.
When he releases a product - BUY IT!"

Mike Filsaime

The quality of ISFN is unbelievable.
Nobody packs more value into their products than Omar & Melinda. BUY THIS!"

The ISFN Members Area Is Super Robust!

TRAINING TUTORIAL #1 - Digital Web Business Basics

Discover the #1 reason why most newbie marketers lose money online (and how you can avoid it). If you want to make money with an online business, you absolutely NEED to learn these fundamentals.

TRAINING TUTORIAL #2 - Marketing Versus Selling

This is the part most people get wrong (BUT we show you how you can do it right). If you want to succeed with an online business, you need to understand the hidden differences between these two concepts.

TRAINING TUTORIAL #3 - Branding & List Building

Why the money is NOT in the list (and where you can find it). Discover the powerful factors behind Branding and List Building that are critical to the success of your online business.

TRAINING TUTORIAL #4 - Expert Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the oldest methods of sales promotion - Uncover why most people FAIL at affiliate marketing (and how to avoid being one of them). You need this information to maximize the profits from your list by using the proper tools and techniques.

TRAINING TUTORIAL #5 - Vendor Marketing Methods

Learn why "getting lucky" has nothing to do with successful vendor marketing (and how you can be successful at it no matter what). Our little-known secrets behind the Vendor side of Internet Marketing will help you succeed where others have failed.

TRAINING TUTORIAL #6 - Traffic Driving Secrets

Traffic is the lifeblood of every online business. We show you why avoiding certain types of traffic can actually improve your business (and where to find the right traffic that you REALLY want).

TRAINING TUTORIAL #7 - Funnels Made Easy

Learn how to avoid these deadly mistakes where most people get the sales process wrong (and how to get your customers to send you traffic). After you master these techniques, your sales page conversion will never be a mystery.

TRAINING TUTORIAL #8 - Product Launch Perfection

Why some product offers earn nothing, and how others earn hundreds of thousands of dollars (and even MILLIONS!) Managing a proper launch is critical to a successful online business, and we expose behind-the-scenes secrets that can skyrocket your returns.

TRAINING TUTORIAL #9 - Putting It All Together

Running all of these aspects of a business can feel like juggling chainsaws. Uncover the subtle techniques that bring it all together to rake in real profits (and how to avoid letting it fall apart).


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Omar & Melinda's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

This product comes with a risk free 100% money back guarantee. We are confident that you’ll love the training but if you change your mind for any reason just let us know within the first 30 days from purchase and we will refund you 100% via PayPal.   No hoops to jump through, No gimmicks, No Bull Crap.

phone-logo-md Feel free to call us if you have any questions or concerns 866-205-3389

Hear What Marketers Just Like You Are Saying...

These testimonials are directly from our current and previous customers and/or students that have benefited from the methods and techniques we teach inside Internet Selling For Newbies.

  • James Hughes
    “Omar in my eyes is an absolute legend. And I don’t use this word often. He is always there to help anyone up and coming in Internet Marketing. Omar and Melinda provide first class products with first class support.

  • Sergio Felix
    “I’ve got nothing but good praise about Omar Martin. He has a really strong character and will ALWAYS tell it like it is, SUPER RAW. His flagship program is not one of, but THE most badass IM training I have ever taken.

  • Matthew Crump
    “I am proud to call Omar a mentor and friend his information that he delivers is some of the best in the world. You can’t go wrong with Omar!

  • Wayne Sharer
    “I have to say, Omar puts his heart into his products. I’ve been a customer for 2 of his major efforts, and I felt I cheated him for the price. Great stuff!

  • David Caudill
    “Omar and Melinda are not just great mentors they are the ones that I look up to and model our business after. You won’t find people that deliver better value, they are always there to help anyone that is starting out in Internet Marketing. Omar and Melinda build and provide top quality products with top quality support. In our eyes, ” they are the best!”

  • Eamon Diamond
    “Omar’s success just grows from strength to strength. He and his wife Melinda produce outstanding products for the Internet Marketer. I have used so many of their products…and everyone of them are of top quality. He’s honest, sincere and above all…really cares about seeing you make yourself a success online.

  • Liz Tomey
    “I absolutely LOVE Omar Martin because I have seen him provide EXCELLENT customer service to my people. And anytime I need any help with something of Omar’s he’s always right there to answer any of my questions! Would tell my own grandmother to buy from Omar.

  • Pauline Young
    “You have always shown honesty and I am proud to be also joining you in this venture. Omar you have really taken this to the next level. Thank you for always taking the time to reply to the little people too.”

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There is no risk whatsoever and I should grab Internet Selling For Newbies RIGHT NOW for just a small one-time investment!

I have a FULL “no questions asked”  30 Day Money Back Guarantee, by just contacting your support desk.

Omar Martin, CMO

Higher Level Strategies, Inc.

100% Risk Free

Money Back Guarantee

We stand behind our products and customers 100%. If you are unhappy for any reason just submit a refund request within 30 days. Easy peasy.

Melinda Martin, CEO

Higher Level Strategies, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWill I be able to use this as a complete newbie?

    YES! As long as you can get on the Internet, then Internet Selling for Newbies can work for you, if you follow the step-by-step instructions.

  • q-iconDoes this work for any niche?

    YES! The skills and techniques taught in Internet Selling for Newbies can be used for any online business, regardless of the niche.

  • q-iconWill I need to spend money to make this work?

    YES! Any serious business needs some level of investment in the proper tools and resources. However, we show how you can keep your costs as low as possible and still reach your goals.

  • q-iconWhat if I need help or have questions?

    When you purchase Internet Selling for Newbies, you become a part of a larger community full of members at all levels. There is never a shortage of help. And our superstar support team is always available to help you with accessing your course.

  • q-iconI don't get it. Why so much value for such a little price? What's the real catch?

    We are doing this because we remember what it’s like to be a newbie looking for the truth. There is only one catch. Internet Selling for Newbies is not some push button, get rich quick scheme. You will learn to build a real business the right way. That takes work and commitment.

  • q-iconHow do I get instant access?

    Just click the order button and once your order is complete, you will receive the access details to Internet Selling for Newbies in your inbox immediately. Just log into the site with your access details and start learning right away.

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