DAY 2 -  The 4 Fundamentals (Continued From Day 1)

Welcome to day two of “The Newbies Guide to Internet Marketing." In day two, we will continue to discuss “The four fundamentals of Internet Selling.” Here we're going to be wrapping up fundamental number two about driving traffic and we're then going to be discussing how important conversions are.

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    Reply Reply November 27, 2016


  • Brian Shears

    Reply Reply November 29, 2016

    This Module was a bit short but very much to the point.

  • Jack Lowes

    Reply Reply December 1, 2016

    Thank you

  • Keigle Marketers

    Reply Reply December 11, 2016

    Lesson one never came can you please send it

    • OmarMartin

      Reply Reply January 3, 2017

      Hi Keith, you were taken to the first lesson right when you opted in and then we also followed up with an email about it. Check your spam folder and add our email address to your contacts so that you don’t miss any future lessons.

      • Jairo Sequeira

        Reply Reply June 23, 2020

        Hi Mr. Martin. I completed Day 2 before yesterday. I was wondering if there was a glitched on the system because I did not receive Day 3 yesterday. Would you please help me to get to Day 3. Thank you.

  • Melissa MITCHELL

    Reply Reply May 16, 2017

    “It is much easier to ​create a product for the traffic than it is to create traffic for a product.”

    Love it. How many times have I had a great idea for a product, but when promoting it, not even the crickets are interested!

  • Hans Schulz

    Reply Reply August 16, 2017

    Day 2 is good, my problem is “list building” I never mastered it and failed at establishing one,i just don’t have the skills to get it going(computer skills) maybe I need a Mentor,but at what cost.This is my last go at it. .

  • DJ

    Reply Reply December 4, 2017

    Keeping it real! Direct & to the point. Thanks

  • Jairo Sequeira

    Reply Reply June 21, 2020

    I really liked this lesson. I learned a lot. Thank you so much.

  • Jairo Sequeira

    Reply Reply June 23, 2020

    Hi, I completed Day 2 yesterday. I was expecting to receive Day 3 but I have not. What can I do to receive Day 3? Thank you so much for all your help. Great course.

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